Müller has high awareness but low front of mind awareness. We need to differentiate Müller yogurts from the competition whilst still talking about taste and make them stand for something.


Müller have a great untold story. They don't do plain and mundane. Instead they take plain stuff (rice,yogurt,milk) and stir in wonderful stuff (toffee hoops, strawberry jam etc) to create magical taste sensations. They best way to engage our target audience, (which is pretty much everyone) is event advertising, bringing this story to life in a memorable, epic way that has something for everyone but is a million miles away from the formula of yogurt advertising.


Wünderful Stuff.

Entertainment works

Our integrated Wünderful Stuff campaign increased sales 8% in a 3% declining market. At peak the Facebook page reached 11,418,898 people, achieved 800,000 YouTube hits and was voted October's most liked ad in Campaign's Reality Check.

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